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1015 East Sixth Street
Anaconda, MT 59711

A Resourceful Company for Resource Companies
At the foot of the Pintlar Range of the Rocky Mountains, in the heart of historic Montana mining country, a tradition of excellence continues. The Tuttle Manufacturing Company opened its factory in the 1880's. Later it was taken over by Copper King, Marcus Daly and his Anaconda Copper Company. Today, it's AFFCO, a proud company, marrying the artistry of days gone by with modern and innovative technological processes.

AFFCO has grown over the years to a company of extraordinary diversity. All, in the singular effort of providing its resource based customers with an incomparable variety of manufactured products and services. Products and services of uncommon quality and workmanship. AFFCO is proud of its heritage and committed to the future.

Through the years, AFFCO has forged great relationships with many fine customers. The rewards go beyond the work and extend to the many fine people affiliated with these companies. An example is an article re-printed from the Holnam, Inc. March 2000 Newsletter.

We welcome you on this visit. Please browse though our departmental pages and come back again often. If you have a question, comment or require any additional information on AFFCO operations, please submit our feedback form by clicking here.

Click here to read a comprehensive history on the AFFCO plant from its late 19th century beginning, commencing with the Tuttle Manufacturing and Supply Company, to the Foundry Department of the Anaconda Mining Company, through to the modernizations and innovations of AFFCO's operations today.